MyLaps Transponder Timing

​At Minibike Champs we use transponder timing for all of our race results, this ensures all results are accurate and correct. The transponder is fixed to the bike just behind the front number board, that then sends official race data to the system wirelessly every time you cross the finish line. The system immediately converts this data into official race data such as lap time and position and more. You can then see all of your race results online at website. Transponders are available to hire at all of our events or you can purchase your own (X2 Transponder MX) from the MyLaps store on this linkMyLaps or click the picture link below. 

Minibike Champs for all 2018 results please use the links below.

2018 Minibike National

Minibike British Championship - by Round

Minibike British Championship Overall

Minibike World Championship

​Minibike Supercross

MCF Licences

Minibike Champs are sanctioned by the MCFederation, to race at a minibike champs event you will be required to either purchase an annual MCF race licence or you can purchase a one event day licence at the event. MCFederation annual licences start from just £59.50 and Personal Accident Insurance is included with every MCF Youth and Adult Race licence. The MCF will require you to be a member of an affiliated club, please make sure you have completed your Minibike Champs membership before applying for your annual race licence. visit the MCF website here or click the picture link below.