Please see below all of the 2019 Minibike Champs Race Classes, Rules and Regulations.

Trophy boards at all events for top 6 in Kids 50cc and Youth race classes.
Trophy boards for Top 3 in all adult race classes
Prizes at selected events.

KIDS 50cc/Autos/Electric 6-8 yrs
Any 50cc off road bike 2 stroke or 4 stroke, horizontal or vertical engine,
max wheel size 14" front 12" rear

(Auto Electric - max power 8KW)

KIDS 65cc 7-10yrs

65cc off road 2 stroke bike, max wheel size 14" front 12" rear

YOUTH 125cc/Electric (YOUTH Junior 9-11 yrs & YOUTH 12-14 yrs) race together, scored separately.
Minibike open cradle frame, 4stroke, horizontal engine upto 125cc
max wheel size 14" front and 12" rear

(Auto Electric - max power 8KW)
Axle to Axle measurement must not exceed 1210mm and maximum height Floor/Seat 840mm

MB - SEMI AUTO'S 15yrs+ / Electric max power 8kw 15yrs+
Minibike open cradle frame, 4stroke or Electric, horizontal engine upto 112cc, Semi Auto
(no Manual Clutch) 22mm Carburettor, max wheel size 14" front 12" rear.
Axle to Axle measurement must not exceed 1150mm and maximum height Floor/Seat 750mm

MB - SuperStock 110cc 15yrs+
(This class is based around a Kawasaki KLX110 and CRF110/XR70) Wheel size : must be 12" rear and 12" or 14" front. Engine - Must be maximum 110cc. using stock KLX/Honda cylinder head - no head modifications allowed. Replacement camshaft, air filter, jets, exhaust, permitted, Must use stock piston and cylinder - no stroker cranks. Carburettor must be stock except for jet change (Honda can use stock Kawasaki Carburettor) Transmission - Must use stock Kawasaki/Honda semi auto clutch, heavy duty clutch springs permitted. Must use stock Kawasaki/Honda 3 or 4 speed transmission. Chain and sprockets permitted, Rolling chassis - must use stock KLX110/CRF110 frame and swingarm - replacement rear shock absorber allowed. Forks - must use stock KLX110/CRF110 forks sliders and fork legs- replacement springs and internal mods permitted. Wheels - Must use stock Kawasaki/Honda hubs, rim and spoke upgrades permitted. Can change Handle bars, Handlebar clamps, Throttle, cables, seat, plastics, footpegs and footpeg mount, gear shifter, brake pedal, skid plate, tyres.

MB - 160cc 15yrs+ inc MASTERS 35yrs - 44yrs VETS 45yrs+ (new format for 2019)
Minibike open cradle frame, 4stroke, horizontal engine upto 160cc
max wheel size 14" front 12" rear.
Axle to Axle measurement must not exceed 1210mm and maximum height Floor/Seat 840mm

All Machines must have a cover enclosing the front sprocket,
and race numbers displayed clearly.

Water cooled machines not permitted (Kids 50cc/auto/electric exception)

Engine Measuring
Riders maybe randomly selected for engine measuring at each round.
The selected competitors will be notified and will need to have their machines available
for inspection after the first day of competition. 

Engines measured will need to be within a 2% cc tolerance of the class limit,
competitors whose machines are found to be outside of these tolerances
will be disqualified from the championship and all points scored up to that point
will be forfeit.
Competitors who have failed a measurement will need to produce their machine for
re-examination prior to being permitted to compete in the championship further.

The Permitted class capacities are as follows:

Electric class - 8KW maximum
50cc class - 50cc maximum

65cc class - 65cc maximum

88cc class - 88cc maximum
110cc class - 110cc maximum
125cc class - 125cc maximum
160cc class - 160cc maximum
All machines in their standard format must comply with the class requirements prior to
any tolerance allowance.

Failure to present your machine for measuring without sufficient reason, as decided
by the MCF, will result in the same penalty for the competitor as a failed test.

(benefits of being a member please visit the members page)
Available on the memberships page

MCF Licences available on our Membership page or alternatively go to
One event licences are available at the event sign on at a cost of £15 (Please note all International riders require repatriation insurance, if you do not have repatriation insurance you can purchase this through the MCF website or at event sign on.


Factory fitted side stands are not permitted and must be removed
Must be in full working order
No excessive smoke
Brakes must work

Water cooled machines not permitted (Kids 50cc/auto/electric exception)
Front sprocket covers can be OEM parts or other manufactured parts

Strictly no riding in the paddock
Helmet, boots, goggles, gloves, race pants and jersey
All of the above must be worn additional protection is recommended
No trainers, No shorts, No t-shirts

Please make sure that race numbers are clearly displayed on the front number board and side panels of your bikes.

Pre Entry
Only available to members

Race fees (members)
Adults £40 - Youth/Kids £30 per day

Pay on the day Race Fees (none Members)
Adults £50 - Youth/Kids £40 per day

Available to hire for £15 or free to use your own MyLaps transponder (AMB)

Sign On 8am - 9,30am
Members take priority over none members

All classes will get a minimum of an 8minute P/Q

All classes have three races each, race times may vary, at the Clerk of the courses discretion

Flags & Boards
Must be obeyed
15 second board get ready,
5 second board, Start of Race any time after the 5 second board is displayed, upto the starters discretion,
False starters will get a warning then penalized if caught doing so again.
Yellow flag caution
Waved yellow flag major incident

Blue flag - you are going to be lapped by the lead pack
Red flag stop
Black flag stop and speak to the clerk waving the black flag and they will inform you of why you have been stopped,
1 lap boards final lap
Chequered flag finish of Race

If there is anything you are unsure of please drop us a message through the contact us page Thanks