Welcome to Minibike Champs website. Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned minibike racer, Minibike Champs is "ThePlaceToRace"

Minibike Champs caters for all ages, abilities and bikes. From Kids 50cc 6yrs+ to our 45yrs+ Vets race class. If you're on a budget have a look at our MB140cc 15yrs+ race class, it's a great addition to the sport and the racing is great. 

We run minibike race events throughout the year, from March to November, including the season opener Minibike Nationals in March, the 8 round Minibike British Championship from April to July, Minibike World Championship in August and the Minibike Supercross as our season finale at the International Dirt Bike Show in November. For more information on dates and venues check out our events page.

Thanks for visiting, if you have any questions please drop us a message on our contact us page.